Mountain Top Hoodie Shirt by OWB

From the mountain top we can see the best views and understand an inclination of the vastness that surrounds us. Ambitions are gathered and dreams are spawned. From the mountain top, anything is possible. 

Constructed in a soft brushed cotton fabric, the Mountain Top Hoodie Shirt is a fine example of comfort, style and function combined. Horizontal stripes give a relaxed Baja-like vibe while strong shades of red, blue and gray add an updated bold look. Coconut buttons, two pockets and a hood provide elements of both functionality and style. 

The ability to wear the Mountain Top Hoodie buttoned up or open further exemplifies the essence of versatility this piece provides. 

  • 100% cotton
  • Coconut Buttons   
  • Matching Draw String
  • Hood
  • Matching Drawstring

Brand: Lee Cornell

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