Silver Surfer Ikat Hoodie by OWB

Sliding through waves, sliding through the world, the Silver Surfer keeps on sliding. 

Made from hand-woven ikat fabric, a traditional weaving technique practiced in villages in India. Each thread is pre-dyed and woven into a geometrical pattern with a wooden hand loom. This skill is passed down through generations despite the tedious and painstaking process. The result is a fantastic fabric known as ikat.

The Silver Surfer Ikat Hoodie is bold in style, designed to express positive energy and peaceful vibes. The option to button-up or openly wear this hoodie shirt adds significant overall functionalism. 

  • 100% cotton
  • Hand-Woven Ikat
  • Matching Buttons 
  • Matching Drawstring
  • Hood
  • Two Pockets

Brand: Lee Cornell

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